Group Training

Silver Star Fitness provides a wide variety of workouts in a group atmosphere. Our workouts cater for all levels of fitness from beginner or advanced. In our workouts you can push yourself to the limit or work at a pace that is comfortable for you. We train outside under the "octagon", or if it is raining we train in the gym and under shelter. NO SESSIONS WILL BE CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER.

Group training is a great way to exercise and 'get fit' without even realising it. You have fun and a laugh while you burn away the calories with people with similar interests and goals. There are several types of training in the group sessions. All the equipment is provided so you can just turn up and train.

Resistance training includes:
Dumbbells. barbells, kettlebells, clubbells, medicine balls, TRX suspension training, resistance bands, power bands, strength bands and cable machine.

Cardio training includes:
Running, agility, weighted sleds, body weight exercises, rowing machine, treadmill, exercise bike and hill runs.

Boxing bags, boxercise, kick shields, skipping ropes etc.

Thursday Thump Class (TC) *:

Thump class is a boxing for fitness class. We focus on punching and kicking routines using boxing gloves, focus mitts and kick shields. This form of training is the best aerobic workout you can get. You will burn up the calories in this class! This is not just for men. Ladies love it too- no aggression needed!!

Wednesday Weight Class (WC) *:

Weight class is a training session with heavy lifting. We focus on 2-3 different body parts each week, lifting heavy weights. This form of training is best for someone who is wanting to achieve muscle gain as part of their training goal.

Group Class Timetable

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