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Dear name

June already…the year is just flying!! Hope you’ve had the chance since April News to check out our updated web page.

As some of you already know, SSF sells Wholesale Fitness Equipment. Thanks to our web page designer Mibar Web Design, our on-line store is now up and running.

If you’re interested in fitness equipment for personal use, take a browse on-line or discuss what’s available with Matt or Paulette. Thanks to a few of you who have already made purchases.

Do you use FACEBOOK &/ or TWITTER??

SSF has profiles on both these mediums. We update them from time to time. If you haven’t already, add SSF to your list of friends and feel free to suggest us too.

Also, whilst we’re on the technology front, remember to let us know if you’ve recently changed any personal details….address, phone, email etc… that way we can keep your records at SSF up to date and stay in touch with you.

Hope to see you all at training soon.
Go Hard – Get Fit

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It’s June….that means we are already half way through the year. Like P says, make an excuse to DO exercise, rather than one not to!

Over the past few weeks numbers in group classes are down. We do understand winter weather isn’t the most motivating for fitness, but we still need to keep on top of it. Too many of us indulge in winter foods and train less!!

Stay active this winter, because as your summer goals approach, they will be a lot easier to achieve if you keep moving.

Remember too…you can chat with Matt or Paulette any time to discuss options for keeping things on track.

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Group Sessions

SSF OFF-SITE GROUP SESSIONS in HARRINGTON PARK started with great success in May! Tuesday & Thursday 9.30 am – all welcome!

THAT BEACH SESSION!!!! Awesome to have you guys along. The best time. Some pics below here, rest on the web page…

Thank you to all that made the trek down to the Gong for our first beach session.

It was an early start, but well worth it. With over 20 people smashing it out on the sand, a good session was had. Afterwards, a lovely breakfast topped off a great morning.


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Quite a few of you took up our April offer for massage. Thanks for your interest. Great to see that some of you have rebooked….great stuff!

Regular bookings now being taken and Matt will try to arrange a time that best suits you both.

Consider how your body is feeling….

Is there something that seems to be niggling (even just slightly)? Or do you just feel tight? Don’t leave it unattended.. Massage is a very important part of your training. It helps with muscle repair and injury prevention.

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A slight delay with renovations….in any case, materials have been ordered and we’re eager to get them done, so keep your eyes peeled. Very soon you will see unfold before you - massage rooms, office area and a bathroom with shower etc.

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Fitness Equipment

Thanks to those of you who have already purchased!

This side of our business is really taking off now. The equipment is good quality. Pretty much what you use in the gym, you are able to purchase through SSF. Our on-line store is up and running….have a browse!! Also remember, Matt & Paulette are only too happy to discuss your needs, so don’t hesitate to chat, call or email us.

Another something to note, anyone can purchase equipment from SSF for personal use, so please feel free to mention us to your friends.

An example of some of the equipment available:- exercise mats, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, crossfit skipping ropes, boxing gloves, boxing focus mitts and much more!

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Great results from the Anzac Fun Run in Camden….Here’s how it worked out….

5km female - Brooke Allan 27:48, Chris Berry 33:08, Kara Kennett-Smith 29:37, Emma Holder 32:40

5km male - Keiren McCourt 30:01, Gav Holder 32:40, Roger Berry 35:32

10km male - Raoul Corry 62:28, Leigh Miller 53:51, Frank Scarfone 54:27, Nathan Scarfone 54:07,

Graham Munroe 49:12, Brad Frankum 45:48, Matt 44:31

Next event….

                   WOODFORD to GLENBROOK CLASSIC
                   When:             Sunday 26 June, 2011
                   Where:            Oaks Fire Trail, Blue Mountains
                   What:               Run or MTB ride (25 km)
                   Entries:           Open 1 April 2011 (see web link)


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Camden Show

Was great to see so many of you at Camden Show….thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to our new clients who have joined our group classes. Also special thanks to Paulette, Darren, Nicky, Christine and my kids for helping us throughout the show. Your help is much appreciated.

Check out the pics on our facebook page.



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Fitness Expo

We went along to Fitness Expo back in April. A couple of new pieces of equipment and a few new ideas is what we brought back…..most of you will have started to feel the effects of those by now.

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60 Seconds with SSF

Emma Holder

Name:  Emma Holder

Age: 29 years

Occupation: Beauty Therapist

How many hours a week do you train ?
3 hrs in gym / 2 hrs from home

What is your fitness goal ?
Weight loss and general fitness

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?
An increase in fitness, plus my body shape has changed. Love how the clothes size has DROPPED!

When you're not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?
With friends and family.

What is you favourite food / drink ?  Wine.

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?   Depends on my mood.

What is your dream car ?   Lexus

What is your favourite sport ?   Don’t really have one.

Who is your role model and why ?
Matt and Paulette….because I want to increase my fitness even more.  

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ? 
Pink because she’s out there and I just reckon it’d be interesting.

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?
Italy. Have been there before and always wanted to go back.

Matt's comment :   Emma has been training with us since SSF started. In that time Emma has changed her physical appearance with amazing numbers being dropped. Emma has achieved this due to her strong determination and her 100% committed attitude when she trains. With some personal goals achieved this year, Emma should be proud of where she is at. Emma and her little family are always welcome and are fun to train with. Thanks Em.

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We are now on Facebook and Twitter!

We have taken the leap into Facebook and Twitter please join us, we are only new to this so any help will be appreciated- send us a Tweet or write on our wall. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see on our pages let us know.