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SEPTEMBER….Another couple months gone and now winter over too!!! We know some of you went into hibernation mode with the onset of the colder months….but spring is now upon us….so if it’s been a while since your last session with SSF, we’d love to see you!!!

Things have been pretty busy around the gym. There’s been with plenty of work going into the extension and classes have been getting busier as the warmer weather approaches. Just on the extension work, I must apologise for the gym and surrounds being a little untidy. We are doing our best to keep things clean and orderly, but with the current works, it has been a little tough.

We ventured out onto the HILL for a killer session last Saturday morning!! It was a great feeling being in the fresh morning air (even though we could hardly breathe). More and more outdoor sessions are to come. I am currently also making new tracks down the back for our enjoyment.

Just a reminder too….please let us know if you’ve recently changed any personal details….address, phone, email etc… that way we can keep your records at SSF up to date and stay in touch with you.

Go Hard – Get Fit

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With the renovations almost complete…..we now have at our disposal a new office area, 2 massage rooms and a bathroom with toilet/shower facility.. Also, the mezzanine level has given us an indoor cycling platform.

Soon, we will be enclosing the area near the new office to give us even more training space!

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Group Sessions – Current Timetable

PLEASE NOTE – we have removed the 9.30 am Friday class from our Group Session Timetable.


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How is your body feeling? Is there something that seems to be niggling (even just slightly)? Or do you just feel tight? Don’t leave it unattended.. Massage is a very important part of your training. It helps with muscle repair and injury prevention.

Regular bookings now being taken and Matt will try to arrange a time that best suits you both.

Massage Specialfor those of you that hold a SSF prepaid workout card, this entitles you to the discounted massage rate of $50 (saving $15.00).  This is not a short special, but an ongoing one for you.  So if a massage is what you need….book now!!!

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Fitness Equipment

5All of the equipment is good quality. Pretty much what you use in the gym, you are able to purchase through SSF.  Our on-line store is up and running….have a browse!!

An example of some of the equipment available:- exercise mats, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, crossfit skipping ropes, boxing gloves, boxing focus mitts and much more! 6

Matt & Paulette are only too happy to discuss your needs, so don’t hesitate to chat, call or email us.

Another something to note….anyone can purchase equipment from SSF for personal use, so please feel free to mention us to your friends.




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TOUGH BLOKE/CHIC CHALLENGE - Everyone put in an awesome effort…..bring on 2012!!





Matt Stretton




Brad Frankum




Graham Munroe




Robbie Green




Frank Scarfone




Paulette Andreotti




Brooke Allen




Kara Kennett-Smith




Emma Holder






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Due to family commitments on the weekend of the Relay for Life, SSF will unfortunately not be putting forward a team.

NEXT EVENT…… 6 November…..Sydney to Wollongong bike ride.  We have 4 confirmed starters.  Please let me know if you are interested?


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60 Seconds with SSF


Emma Holder

Name:  Graham Munroe

Age: 44 years

Occupation: Business Owner GM Cabling Solutions

How many hours a week do you train ?
3 hrs @ SSF + 2 hrs own sessions

What is your fitness goal ?
To maintain a level of fitness that lets me keep up with the kids & life in general.

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?
A new sense of awareness as to the importance of fitness.

When you're not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?
I do like to spend time with my family, but I also enjoy riding my motorbike & getting out on the water in my boat.

What is you favourite food / drink ?  Fursty Ferrit Larger is my fav drink at the moment & Italian is my fav food.

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?  Music depends on my mood!

What is your dream car ?   Astin Martin DB9

What is your favourite sport ?   Tough Bloke Challenge

Who is your role model and why ?
I don’t have any one person as my role model…Rather, I try to take what I see as the better parts of other peoples characters and make use of them myself.  

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ? 
Richard Branson – he’s a self made millionaire and I also believe him to be a visionary….look at what he’d doing with space travel.

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?
Next destination on my “bucket list” is America.  I think US culture plays a big part in ours.

Matt's comment :   I have been training with Graham now for a number of years.  In the last 18 months, Graham has stepped up his training.  He has been mountain bike riding and entering different events which he has kept a very close eye on.  Graham is always good for a laugh, either with him or at his expense.  It is always a pleasure to have Graham at SSF and I look forward to helping him meet his next challenge.. Thanks Graham.

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We are now on Facebook and Twitter!

We have taken the leap into Facebook and Twitter please join us, we are only new to this so any help will be appreciated- send us a Tweet or write on our wall. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see on our pages let us know.