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Hello, and welcome to the October Silver Star Fitness Newsletter. We are entering a very exciting time of the year for training. We will be heading up to the octagon (when the ground dries out) for outdoor fitness now daylight savings is here. There will be a lot of different exercises to look forward to. You need to bring plenty of water to training as you will loose a lot more fluid during exercise in the hotter weather. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. Over the past couple of months there has been a number of people we train with who have entered events and have done well.

Congratulations go to:

Graham Munroe who competed in his first half marathon (21.1km) and finished in a time of 1hr 48mins. Graham has been training hard for this event and his efforts have paid off. Well done Graham!!

Darren Smith and Mick Feeney joined me last week in the Golden Oldies World Cup Rugby Championships held in Sydney’s Centennial Parklands. We represented Camden Rugby where there were 170 teams from all over the world covering 17 countries. It was a great week of rugby, food and a few beers. We managed to get through the week without any major injuries. Good effort boys!! See you in Japan in 2012 for the next world cup.

As mentioned in a previous email the Relay for Life was a great success. The final monies raised from Silver Star was $2005. Thanks again to all that walked with us and to all that contributed with a donation.

The next challenge is the 2010 Rebel Sport Run4fun. It is held at Sydney Olympic Park on the 7th November. It is a 10km fun run which finishes inside ANZ stadium where you can run the 100m straight to the finish. Runners and walkers are all encouraged to attend. You will need to enter online soon as time is getting away.

So with that all said lets keep our bodies active and enjoy training in the great outdoors. See you soon.

Hope to see you all at training soon.
Go Hard – Get Fit

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The Kokoda Trail

Just a quick update on our Kokoda adventure. I had the privilege of meeting with Charlie Lynn who runs Adventure Kokoda. Charlie has had 20 years experience with running Kokoda treks. We need to get a group of 10 to be able to make this happen. Charlie has offered to come to the gym and give an information night at the end of the month. If you are at all interested make sure you attend the night as it will be very informative and all questions will be answered. We plan to trek in April next year. I will have a good idea on costs at the info night. I have a couple of definite starters and around 6 people who are very interested and a few more maybes.

If you know anyone who might be interested please bring them along or get them to contact me.
More info at

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Christmas Party and Presentation

Can you believe I am mentioning our Christmas party already? Well it’s not that far away. We are planning to have it on Saturday 11th December at 2pm. Bring the family along for a relaxing afternoon around the pool. There will be a jumping castle for the kids. I will have a few trophies to hand out for different achievements so put the 11th in your diary.

I have attached an article below on the benefits of morning exercise. I thought it was a good read to share.

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Benefits of Morning Exercise:

Five Great Reasons to Exercise Early!

Any time is a great time for every human being to engage in some semi-strenuous physical activity - that's a given! However, morning exercise sessions create extra benefits that exercising in the evening cannot possibly create. You see, our busy human schedules have to be dictated by us. If we blink our eyes, our days pass by and we do not accomplish those things that we wish to. By developing your schedule meticulously and including an early morning, challenging exercise session, you will experience the following positive benefits:

1) Firstly, you make sure that you get your exercise done for the day!
You need to guarantee that you do not skip your exercise sessions. They are integral to your health and happiness. They need your attention every day. If you do not take the time to have exercise on your mind first thing in the mornings, then you put yourself at serious risk for not exercising at all. Time flies, especially if you haven't done your workout for the day. Also, after a long, hard day at work, you may simply be too exhausted to exercise anyway - both physically and mentally.

2) Wake up and exercise to stimulate your metabolism!
If you sleep in every possible extra minute, roll out of bed, get dressed and fly out into the maddening traffic trying to make it to work on time, you are stripping your metabolism of its right to thrive. Your metabolism needs you to look out for it! EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is the fancy medical term given to the concept that your body will continue burning calories even after you are finished exercising. An average human being will burn an extra 10 to 60 calories after they have finished their workouts. Those burnt calories add up and lead you to affective weight management.

3) Allow your circadian rhythm to greet each day enthusiastically!
Your circadian rhythm is what makes your internal clock work optimally. People that pay attention and desire to face each day in a positive manner train themselves by initiating a regular routine. You can condition your circadian rhythm however you like. Continuing to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock will condition your rhythm to be lazy. By developing a true desire to wake up and exercise early, you will naturally train your mind to be enthusiastic about waking. You will stop hitting that snooze button. In fact, you will start waking up before the alarm clock tells you to. Looking forward to your daily exercise is a key factor to exercising consistently throughout the course of your life.

4) When you exercise in the morning, you sleep better at night.
Getting restful sleep in the nights allows our bodies and minds to destress and perform vital functions. Stress alleviation, tissue repair and most importantly, digestion, all take place while our bodies are shut down. By waking up early, stimulating your metabolism and exercising in the mornings, you train your body and mind to shut off in the evenings and allow you to regenerate your systems.

5) Skip that morning coffee and have a big cup of exercise instead!
Caffeine is not what brains want; oxygen is. Again it's all about how you train your body and mind to act. If you teach yourself that you need to reach for that coffeepot each morning, then that's what you will learn. If you teach yourself to wake up positive everyday and engage in physical activity, then that is what you will learn. Daily exercise is not just good for your body; it's a super brain stimulator! In fact, your mental sharpness will stay increased from 4 to 10 hours after your morning exercise sessions. This makes you more effective at your job, more alert in general, more positive - and overall, happier!

Beginning every one of your days with a semi-strenuous exercise session will create more benefits in your life and you can imagine. It only seems difficult because you have trained yourself incorrectly to this point. You need to realize that it's up to you how healthy your body and mind develop. Making holistically healthy lifestyle modifications is about far more than enhancing your physical appearance; it's about comprehensively bettering every area of your life simultaneously.

Train yourself for morning exercise and train yourself for increased overall effectiveness!

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60 Seconds with SSF

Main Content Inline Small

Name:    Darren Smith 

Age: 43

Occupation: Financial Planner

How many hours a week do you train ?
Couple times a week at Silver star Fitness and few hours rugby training during the week.
One hour at Silver star fitness feels like 10.

What is your fitness goal ?
To be able to get out of the forwards in rugby and run around with those fit backs.

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ? Lost a fair bit of weight and overall improved fitness level since I started training in December 2009.

When you’re not working or training how do like to spend your spare time? Resting the weary body in anticipation of another training session. I must love them as I still keep going back.

What is you favourite food / drink ?   All brands of beer in moderation butI am not allowed to have a couple till the weekends. A good steak, medium rare.

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?    
Whatever is on the radio or the kids iPod although they still give me a hard time about listening to talkback.
What is your dream car ?   Happy with a Holden Monaro

What is your favourite sport ?   Rugby and cricket

Who is your role model and why ?Is this Where I should say the wife and my wonderful children.  

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ? Michelle Bridges ( the trainer from the biggest loser) to see how hard she pushes people to succeed at training and fitness goals.

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ? Fiji - Can be lazy and relax for 1 week then get back into it at Silver star fitness.

Matt's comment :   Darren has trained with me since December 09. To his credit I can’t remember a time he has missed a Tuesday or Thursday night session, if he did he would make it up with another session. I know Darren loves our Thump class as he looks forward to belting gloves with Mick. They both compare bruises after each session. Darren is definitely a changed man  with a lose of nearly 20kg he can nearly keep up with the backs at rugby. In another year who knows he might make it out of the forwards but get your eye of the no. 9 position!! That’s Mine.

Thanks for your time Darren and keep up the good work.

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Just for Fun

Here are some of the best recorded results of the 20m beep test that we do. With this in mind you can look forward to doing this shortly at training.

Males Top Performances








Håkan Mild

Football (Soccer)

Played for IFK Gothenburg. Had been rumored to have completed the test, though his best of 19/2 was confirmed on Swedish radio (if you understand Swedish, you can listen to the interview on radiosporten, from January 2009)



Graham Bashop

Rugby Union

This All Black scrum half apparently achieved this in the early 90's.



Kini Qereqeretabua

Rugby Union

Fiji. This effort is very impressive, especially considering that he is 103kg.



Sebastian Coe


UK middle distance champion runner



Lee Gong Dook

Football (Soccer)

Premier League player



Brent Livermore

Hockey (Field)

Australian field hocky player



Steve Nash


NBA point guard, played with the Dallas Mavericks



Maurizio Minetti


Achieved by this player from Ossola, Italy in Oct 2009. (unconfirmed result, submitted by visitor)



Simon Black


Brisbane Lions club record.

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