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Welcome to the first newsletter for 2011. I trust you all have had a wonderful festive season and by now are back into the daily grind of work etc. Let’s start with goal setting. I would like you all to think about what you want out of your training this year and start to set some goals. Your goals need to be realistic and measureable. I will give you a goal card in the coming weeks to fill out which then makes you accountable for what you set out to achieve. I will revisit these cards on a regular basis to see how you are going and to help you when things are not going to plan. If you need any help with setting goals come and talk to myself or Paulette.

As you all may have heard, Paulette has now come on board with Silver Star Fitness. Not only will she be instructing classes for us, she will be in the office assisting me with admin etc. Her days in the office are Wednesday and Friday. Paulette comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry so please don’t hesitate to ask her any questions or drop her an email. . Until I complete the massage course, she will cover my Monday and Wednesday evening classes. However, once I swing back into action, she will be commencing some OFF-SITE sessions. We have purchased an enclosed trailer to carry equipment. The venue, times and days for these sessions is still to be finalised – stay tuned!!

We have a NEW SESSION on the timetable. This session will see the introduction of some heavier weight lifting sessions. A number of you have asked to do more weights. As this doesn’t suit all of us I have decided to add another group class dedicated to muscle building and strength training. This session will be on Wednesday evenings 7.30pm – 8.30pm straight after our 6.30pm class. So if its hypertrophy (muscle enlargement) you are after this session is for you.

I purchased some equipment recently from a studio gym that was closing down. The main items were spin bikes. (great calorie burners). For some added intensity and variety, these will be integrated into various sessions. I know they work as I have done a number of classes with them already and WOW am I feeling the effects (very sore gluts). A new bench press and more barbells and other pieces of equipment were purchased.

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Massage at Silver Star Fitness. As you know I am studying at present to complete my Certificate 4 in remedial massage specialising in sports and fitness. I will be introducing this service on my completion of my course. Christine is also starting her massage course next month and will be offering her services aswell. We will be extending the gym (again) in the coming months and building two massage rooms, toilets and shower and a new office. Massage is a very important part of anyone’s training to help muscles repair and help prevent injury.

Remember to take advantage of our FEBRUARY OFFER – introduce a friend to a group session and you both train FREE for that session.

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2010 Silver Star Fitness Awards

What an awesome effort from all that challenged themselves in the biggest loser.  A combined total of 142kg was lost from 32 people in only 7 weeks. It really was an exciting and interesting time. Lots of questions were asked and lots was learnt in this time. I saw changes in people that they thought was not possible. It was a very close finish as two girls smashed their training all the way to the end. Both Brooke and Ali trained extremely hard and ate a very strict diet to achieve what they did. Again well done and congratulations.  To recap the results.

Brooke Allan lost 13.3kg total body % loss of 15.54%
Alison Wilson lost 12.8kg and body % loss of 13.03%
Ali’s dad Bryan lost 10.5kg over 10%
Nicky also smashed it losing 6.9kg @ 9.54%
Awards that I handed out at our Christmas Party.

Fitness Champion of the year Frank Scarfone
Personal Training client of the year. Peter Vella
Group Fitness client of the year Toni Mills
Fitness fanatic of the year Robbie Green & Darren Smith


Congratulations again to each of you, you have all achieved some great results and deserve your awards.

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Do you feel as though you’ve hit a bit of a training slump?

Do you want a little more motivation/advice?

Consider booking yourself in for a couple of PT sessions. Don’t feel obligated to a long term commitment.  We are happy to provide short term PT.  It is a great way to boost along your training OR to simply change things up for a while

Here is an interesting read. I asked Brooke our Biggest Loser winner to give us an idea of what it took to lose 13.3kg in a short time. Here is what she wrote.

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My Biggest Loser Journey

To put it simply I love food, always have always will, unfortunately its not just the good stuff I love. To make matters worst I am a glutton and extremely greedy the worst thing is I don’t have an off switch and have in the past gorged myself to the extreme, I have done it for several reason, sadness, as a coping mechanism and as comfort and survival mechanism, and purely because I love it and love the enjoyment food brings. This however is not good for the figure so I have always been.......well rounded!

Despite all my depression and the obsessive crazed nature that is me my weight was not the result of inactivity which is possibly my saving grace. As a kid I spent almost every weekend horse riding or playing some type of sport, be it netball, rugby, surf life saving or swimming. Dad had us out behind the boat waterskiing before we could walk! This active lifestyle came from my dad who was once an elite athlete representing his country in multiple disciplines as a child and teenager, to put it simply, he expected the same from us his beloved children. We were always going somewhere and doing something.

I have always tried to keep active, walking the dog, riding the horses, dancing, even zumba but when I started working full time in a lab and moved down to this area my weight increased

I started training with Matt and boy oh boy didn’t I get a wake up call. But despite all my training I wasn’t shrinking, personally I didn’t think my diet was that bad, I ate a lot of fruit and veggies, rarely drank alcohol but still had all the sweeties that I love (in my mind I was like I’ve been for I run I can have this, or I’ll go work this off later).

This biggest loser challenge was my chance to turn everything around. I am extremely competitive, something that I get from my dad, win at all costs attitude!

When we started I did not know what to expect or which direction I was going to go, I didn’t have a plan and I DID NOT want to know what I weighed. I don’t know why that was so, fear maybe, that it might strike some cord in my brain and tip me over the edge into oblivion.

I’m not sure which way I started but I know Toni grabbed me by the horns and said “NO MORE JUNK FOOD!”. No more chips, sweets, chocolate or anything else like that. She told me to cut everything I ate in half, add lots of fresh salads to my diet and buy protein shakes. The most important piece of advice she gave me was read the labels, see what is in the stuff I like and tweak my diet accordingly.

So week one began: ; ;

I cut everything in half, if I usually have 2 chicken wraps I cut back to one.

Leigh my partner loves Up and Go’s I usually have a massive bowl of cereal for breakfast I substituted that for an Up and Go for breakfast and a coffee for morning tea (thanks to this challenge I now drink flavoured coffee (only 62 calories) and fake sugar)!

Toni the crazed manic also increased our training program too. We would walk or run in the morning then train with Matt or do some form of training in the afternoon.

At the start of week 2 I was on track and basically my diet and regime was this throughout the whole challenge.

1 hour walk/run with Toni
Breakfast: 1 biggest loser shake 209 Cal I also occasionally had a protein shake thing or an Up and Go
Morning tea: 1 jarrah White Choc Latte 62 cal
3km walk with office buddies or 20 mins skipping, weights, Pilates or zumba
Lunch: 1 cup raspberries with 1 tub of either Vaalia or forme yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of natural muesli approx 180-200 Cal or a mixed salad with chicken, egg or ham approx 180-250 Cal
Afternoon tea: Fruit, nuts or tin of fruit, maybe another coffee or a cup of soup.
Training with Matt or Toni, maybe a horse ride
Dinner : Small piece of lean meat with salad or veg or a biggest loser shake approx 200-300 Cal

The biggest thing for me was cutting out soft drink I changed from having several glass a night of normal soft drink (approx 150-250 Cal) to diet or plain mineral water. I still get my bubble fix but with very little calories.
I was also training 2-3 times a day. I must admit I felt awesome.

I did have some nights off during the challenge, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary as well as had 2 Christmas parties and an engagement party but the trick was to remain focused don’t drink and I made sure I danced all night!

Thanks Brooke for that insight of your journey.

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60 Seconds with SSF

Main Content Inline Small

Name: Paulette Andreotti  

Age:  39         

Fitness Instructor

How many hours a week do you train ? 6hrs

What is your fitness goal ?  To maintain the fitness level I am at

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?    Friendships and work

When you’re not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?  Catching up with friends, reading and time with family

What is you favourite food / drink ?   Love McDonalds soft serve ice cream
What music / artist do you like to listen to ?    like all sorts, RNB, rock, Pop, depends on the mood

What is your dream car ?    The new SSF trailer. HaHa

What is your favourite sport ?   Don’t have a favourite

Who is your role model and why ?  Don’t have one of them either

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ?  Dean Karnesis, (ultra marathon man) would love to sit down and ask him what makes him tick.

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?  America. I am planning it now for the family as we all want to go and check it out.

Matt’s comment :   Paulette came to us for Thursday Thump classes as a friend of hers told her it was a good class. Paulette being a fitness instructor and also doing boxing classes herself, I felt the pressure to perform. I was very pleased when Paulette finished the session and was smashed and loved it. Paulette has not missed many Thursday night sessions. Paulette also started to join some of the other classes which started with the 2hr mega session we did. It is a pleasure to have Paulette around as her bubbly personality is infectious. Thanks Paulette for training with us and thank you for your hard work (so far).

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We have taken the leap into Facebook and Twitter please join us, we are only new to this so any help will be appreciated- send us a Tweet or write on our wall. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see on our pages let us know.