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Hello and welcome to the December Silver Star Fitness Newsletter. Over the last couple of months it has been great to see so many of you out training. Now summer is here (well on the calendar anyway ) lets keep it up and stay fit and healthy and keep striving for your goals up to Christmas and beyond.

The Saturday Mega Session was held a couple of weeks ago. This was 2 hours of training with little rest. We had a beautiful morning for it as 20 enthusiastic people made their way up to the "Octagon" at 6:30am. We did a quick warm up then got straight into it. We jogged the course that was 2.1km long to show everyone what they were in for. To say there were a few worried looks on peoples faces would be a understatement. In the first section there was tyre flips, farmers walks with buckets of sand, log flips, quad bike pulls ( with the kids on it ) just to name a few.

It was awesome to see everyone having a go at things they have never tried before. After a small jog you battled with the ropes then sprinted across the lawn to meet the mountain bike track. This track zig zagged through the paddocks for 700m where you then started the bodyweight section up and down the driveway. With a few other activities along the way you then made your way back up the top to finish a lap. This took around 20-30 minutes to complete. To add to the fun you had to carry a car tyre around with you on one of the laps. Other lucky people wore the weight vests on their adventure. After 1 solid hour it was time to finish this part of the workout much to most peoples disappointment. With 40 odd minutes remaining we put on our gloves for a session of boxing. We kicked, we punched and we sweated and of course we had fun. To finish we lined up on the hill for a situp and run ab session. With 100 situps done the clock turned over 2hrs and 10 minutes when I said it was time to stretch. WELL DONE all of you that came and smashed out a very hard mornings workout. I said it then and I will say it again I am very proud of all of you who put in a huge effort. I can't wait to plan the next one. Are you in???

The Christmas Party is only one week away. Saturday 11th at 2pm. Thank you to all that have RSVP. If you have not and are coming please let me know for catering purposes. I know there are a few of us that can't wait for a couple of cold ones after being off the alcohol for 8 weeks. Come and celebrate, it will be fun.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year. It has been a exciting time for me with lots of new adventures. I could not ask for a better bunch of people to train and to train along side. I look forward to the coming year meeting more new people and helping them reach there goals. If I don't catch up with you before hand, I wish you all a safe Christmas and a happy new year.

Hope to see you all at training soon.
Go Hard – Get Fit

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Christmas Closing dates 24/12/10 to 17/1/11

The last class of the year will be 9.30am class on Friday the 24/12/10 and first day back will be Monday 17th January.

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The Biggest Loser

Only 1 week to go!! and let me tell you it is going to be close. What great results we are seeing in the Biggest Loser Challenge. You guys have grabbed this with both hands and taken off. The numbers I am seeing drop are fantastic. I love to see everyone jump on the scales on a Saturday morning to weigh in. With everyone standing around your result is not hidden. You then see high fives and fist pumps, your mates patting you on the back telling you how well you are doing.
This stuff is why I love being a fitness trainer.

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Christmas Vouchers / Gifts

If you are stuck not knowing what to buy for your family or friends maybe consider a workout voucher from Silver Star Fitness.
A few options are:
1) 5 Group sessions for $75
2) 11 Group sessions for $150
3) A 1 on 1 personal training session for $65 for 1 hour

I have a range of Heart Rate monitors in stock at the moment. I have lovely pink ones for ladies that look great. Prices range from $125 to $175. How about a set of boxing gloves and wraps. If you box on a regular basis it is a good idea to have your own gloves. This way they fit correctly and you have maximum support. They will fit straight into your Santa Stocking.
If you have any question please ask me.

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Camden Rugby 1st Grade

I have had the privilege over the past 6 weeks to train the Camden Rugby Union 1St grade squad. I was asked by the coach Alistair Le Good to train the boys in the off season and work on their fitness levels and have them in good shape to start the 2011 season. As most of you would have seen Tuesday and Thursday nights after group fitness the boys roll up for a solid 70 to 80min session.

Well done to the boys on their efforts as the turn out has been great. In this short time I can already see a difference in a lot of the guys.

Well done Guys.

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Junior Rugby at Camden Rams

We have a strong connection with Camden Rams Junior Rugby. We have a few boys from the U14s (next year) who have been training with us on Wednesday nights. We have Darren Smith who is the Junior President, Mick Feeney and Al McHutchinson who coach. I have my son Zach who plays and you guessed it, I train them.

With that said we are always looking for new kids to come and join our club. If you have a son or know someone who wants to play a winter sport we would love to have them come down for a run. Have a chat to me or any of the guys mentioned above for more info.

You can also check out the website at:

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300 Workout - The 300 Spartan Workout Routine

Over the past few weeks a number of you have done the Spartan 300 workout. It consists of the following. 25 pullups, 50 deadlifts ,50 pushups ,50 boxjumps, 50 floor wipers, 50 kettlebell clean and press and a further 25 pullups to finish. Here is the workout in detail.

The 300 workout was created and developed by Mark Twight, who is a self taught genius of the gym as well as a mountaineer.

One of the few who still believes in the “no guts and no glory” motto. Twight's 300 Workout gave some pain, and a vast amount of gain in the end. The workout took its name from the total number of repetitions which are not done daily, but rather built up to over time.

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25 pull-ups

Pull ups are designed to make you lift the weight of your own body. They are among the best of the strengthening exercises out there. Quite frequently people don't get all that they could out of them because they don't do them correctly. If correctly done pull-ups will give you a very good gain in upper body strength and definition.

Many people think that pull-ups and chin-ups are the same exercise. There are some differences. A pull-up is you pulling your body up with your palms facing away from your body. This gives you less reliance on your bicep and makes the exercise more difficult to accomplish.

The chin-up on the other hand has our palms facing our body and lets you use more of the bicep muscle, making it easier to lift your body weight.

The right technique for both of them is to draw your body weight up slowly, using the muscles to lift your body, not jerking or jumping partway into the air and then pulling up. There are several other variations of pull-ups and chin-ups you can use that will make the workout easier or more difficult, including palms facing pull-ups, gripping without the thumb pull-ups, and what are known as kipping pull-ups. You're probably not going to be able to do ten chin-ups or pulls ups immediately. If you can't, then you need to work your way up to it.

Once you are able to do about ten pull-ups, you may want to increase the level of difficulty, by adding some weights, such as wearing a weighted backpack while doing your pull-ups to help build upper body strength. If you don't then you should stick with the 25 repetitions without weights.

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50 deadlifts at 135 pounds

The deadlift builds your strength in your back and will teach you to straighten the lower back when lifting a heavier load, thus preventing injury. When you deadlift it is absolutely imperative that you keep that lower back straight up and down. This not only builds the muscle more adequately but prevents injury to you when you're lifting upwards from the floor.

Dead-lifting has gained a reputation for promoting injury when in reality it isn't the lift, it's the technique that causes the injury.

The correct technique to deadlift is to keep the back completely straight, no rounding.

In the beginning you may not be able to accomplish fifty dead lifts. Do what you can until you fail at it, and work up to the total of fifty deadlifts.

The deadlift will work your back, your legs, and your arms. Grip the bar tightly so that it does not roll away or out of your hands. Keeping your back straight, bring your hips forward, straighten your knees and stand. As you can tell, this will increase the upper legs and thighs quite a lot if you can execute it correctly. The hard grip on the bar also increases the strength of the forearm as well as the hand.

Make sure that you do keep your back straight and roll the hips forward somewhat to get maximum effect from the deadlift on the upper arms and the thighs.

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50 Push-ups

The fifty push-ups that are part of Twight's routine are designed to build arm and shoulder strength for you. In the beginning you may well not make the entire fifty. Do as many as you can, until failure and work your way up to the top number. The more you can do the better it will build for you.

Push-up is something everyone, both men and women should do simply to increase the health of your muscle tone in the back and shoulders. Lifting anything, even groceries can benefit from a push-up routine.

Your push-ups should look fluid and easy but they should have a technique that makes them a little more difficult to accomplish than they actually look. If they aren't, then they are not building your strength at all.

The push-up will, like the pull-up, make you lift your entire body weight with your arms. The push-up if done correctly works out the chest wall, the shoulders, the triceps and the abdomen. To do a correct push-up, take the starting position for push-ups, and lock your elbows. Lower the body by bending the elbow until the chest is nearly on, but not touching the floor. Push down on the floor to elevate your body into the starting position.

Have your hands spread slightly and keep them out from the body a small amount, so that your balance is good. Tuck the elbows slightly and keep them at a 45 degree angle. Keep your body in a straight line that is tight from shoulders to feet, and tense the abdominal wall as if you were expecting a punch to the stomach. Keep your head above the chest. The chest should be the leader in the correct push up, with the head elevate above it, not dipping down to the ground. Never let your head lead your chest to the ground. The neck should be as straight as your back and legs are.

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50 box jumps with a 24-inch box

Box Jumps are what are known as plyometric exercises that are designed to help you build strength as well as increase your stamina and help you to build on your vertical jumping ability.

The technique is simple enough that it is deceptive and many people don't feel it will be challenging until they actually try it for themselves. The box jump increases muscle tone, builds and extends the muscles that are in the hamstring, the gluts and the quadriceps. It also builds your coordination and your agility as well as encourages balance.

Stand straight in front of the box or whatever else you may be using. Keep your feet and hips aligned well and your hands hanging loosely by your sides. Your head and neck should not be aimed downward or looking down.

Bend your knees as well as your hips; keep the head and the back straight. Lower the body slightly into a jumping position. Swinging the arms jump up from the slight crouch bring your feet upwards sharply to gain the top of the box.

Your landing on the box should not be explosive but rather a more soft landing and the legs should take the brunt of the impact that takes place, land in control of your body. As soon as you land on the box stand up completely. Your dismount may be jumping back down, again, landing with control of your body, or stepping down backwards. Either one is acceptable but if you select the step-down, alternate your legs each time so that you are training and your strength building is evenly accomplished.

If you're not able to accomplish the 24 inch box the first few times you attempt it, lower the level of the box and do a few less repetitions. Until you are able to come to the top of the 24 inch box you can use one which is lower and accomplish as many repetitions that you can. Once you've mastered the box jumps and would like to move along to something more difficult elevate the box that you use to 36 inches or even higher in order to increase the level of difficulty of the exercise.

If you really want to build balance and increase the muscle and jumping skills you can consider wearing weights once you've got the technique and the number up to par with the 24 inch box.

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50 "floor wipers" with 135 pound weights

Floor Wipers are another exercise that look a bit more easily accomplished than they really are. If you do them correctly, it's going to be an incredible workout, but they will look fluid and easy to do.

It's one that looks easy enough but it's really recommended for people who are already in relatively good shape because of the level of difficulty involved. If you're having trouble with the weights, lower the weights until you don't. Doing the exercise until failure will be good in the beginning and then build yourself up to the point where you can do all the repetitions that the workout calls for.

For this one you're going to need the dumbbells or a heavier bar. Lie on your back and press upward on the weights as if you were going to bench press. The weight should be mostly felt in the back so don't overbalance. The Floor wiper works the shoulders and abdomen. Rocking or tipping over isn't the best idea so make sure that you can handle the weight you have on the bar.

Keep your arms steady above your head while you tighten the abdominal muscles and lift your heels off the ground. Raise our legs, continuing to move them upward vertically while keeping the legs absolutely straight, and pointing your toes, move them toward the right side, past your hand, and then all the way to the side. Hold the side position for about five seconds and then move it back. Alternate the sides so that your second floor wipe, or pass goes to the left side of your body. This will assure that the strength training taking place is equal on both sides of the body.

If you are unable to hold the weight that is suggested, then start by lowering it about fifty pounds and doing less repetitions than the workout suggests, working them until failure and building up slowly over the course of time. Never have too heavy a weight on that will put you off balance since you will be lifting your legs at the same time that you are lifting the weights. If you're not at ease with what you're holding, lower it. Use a spotter to make sure that this one doesn't get you injured if you're not in the best shape when you start out.

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50 "clean and press" at 36 pounds

Clean and Press is a weight lifting exercise that is accomplished by standing with the feet just about shoulder width apart… The bar that you'll be using will lie about two inches from your ankles. Using what is called the over grip, or the pronated grip, take hold of the bar with your hands pressed so that they are just outside the width of your shoulders. Then you're going to keep your arms straight and push back and up with your legs so that the bar ends up at just about the hip position. Now you're going to pull in coordination with the shoulder shrug type movement an explosive movement for this aspect is best.

Here comes the tricky part. You can squat to clean the weight. What that means is that the end of the second pull is going to find the weight sitting at your ab section. Keep on pulling; with your elbows placed fairly high and drop into a squat as deeply as you can to put the bar ending up at your shoulders. At the same time, your wrists are going to turn over and catch the weight at the shoulder near your collarbone. A few things are happening at one time with this one so if you're not used to it, make sure you've got great spotters and use a weight you are very comfortable with.

Getting back to upright keep the shoulder position for the bar while pressing your elbows forward and up higher to make sure that the bar doesn't do any rolling. You may also use what's called a power clean so that you don't have the squat involved. Pull the weight up to your shoulders before your wrists go over to catch it.

You want to lower the bar as cleanly, as smooth and controlled motion as you can down to waist height, then keeping it still, control it down to the floor.

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25 more pull-ups:
Ending with a total 300 reps for the workout

You're going to be tired, but remember to keep the pull-ups clean and controlled and to not use bad jerking form to pull up with. Use the muscles of the arms, not the legs to get you up there.

If you are interested go to You Tube and search under the Spartan 300 workout and check out some of the people giving it a go.

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60 Seconds with SSF

Main Content Inline Small

Name:    Robbie Green 

Age: 41

Occupation: owner of Crème Della Crème Camden

How many hours a week do you train ?
2 Tuesday and Thursday Night.

What is your fitness goal ?
Just to be fit.

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?
I have lost 20kg.

When you're not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?
Playing golf.

What is you favourite food / drink ?
Spaghetti Bolognaise and Beer.

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?    
John Mellencamp and Talking heads.

What is your dream car ?   Holden Clubsport.

What is your favourite sport ?   Rugby League.

Who is your role model and why ?  Steve Mortimer, He was my favourite player growing up.  

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ? 
Greg Norman, Great sportsman and shrewd businessman.

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?
Going to Cairns at Christmas to get away from the shop.

Matt's comment :   Robbie started training with us Late January this year. Due to years of wear and tear his knees have seen better days and are restricted is some exercises. Robbie works his way around this and puts in 110% every time he trains.

A true test of his character was when I challenged Robbie to stay off the beers for the duration of the biggest loser challenge. Being a man of his word I am told he has been a good boy but cant wait to crack one at the Christmas party. Like a lot of us Rob will be the guy staggering around after 2 beers. Robbie has truly worked hard this year on his fitness and has made his 2 sessions he attends part of his life. With a 20kg weight loss you deserve a pat on the back.

Thanks Robbie for you dedication and look forward to buying you a beer on Saturday.

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We have taken the leap into Facebook and Twitter please join us, we are only new to this so any help will be appreciated- send us a Tweet or write on our wall. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see on our pages let us know.