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Dear name

Welcome to the August Newsletter. I would like to start by saying how good it is to see so many people turning up to evening sessions this past month. Well done to all of you who have made the effort. Last weekend we started the renovation of the Silver Star Fitness Gym, we have made a few changes and increased the size by almost double. It was a hard and long weekends work but with some help from our fitness family the job was completed in great time. I would like to thank the following people for there time and hard work. Without there help I we would not have the results that was needed.

Mick Feeney (chief block layer)
Graham Munroe (head electrician)
Darren Smith (head labourer, I’m still not sure if helped Mick or was in the way! bbq chef, tile layer, pole holder, just to name a few)
Brad Pattinson ( painting, cleaning and doing what he was told, you have trained him well Nicky)
Nicky Quinell ( Cleaning Maid, wouldn’t wear the outfit!)
Christine Stretton ( The Boss )
Mick Miller ( turned up Sunday night after a big weekend when we were finished, carried 2 items back into the gym, great effort!)

On a serious note, thanks again for your help guys, we really do appreciate it.

We have some great fitness gloves that have just come in. They are a suede and lycra which gives your hands protection when doing weighted exercises. They also come with an elastic wrist strap for added protection. I find they work well for me with Kettlebells. They are available from me for $15 a pair. They come in sizes s,m,l,xl.

I also have boxing wraps available. These give your wrists and hands protection when doing a lot of boxing. For those of you attending our Thump classes you might want to think about a set. They are $10 a pair. One size fits all.

While we are on this topic, if anyone would like to buy there own set of boxing gloves please let me know as I can order them in for you at the right price.

We have had a good roll up the past few Sundays down at the Camden bike track for a run. As the city 2 surf is just around the corner we need to keep up the km’s. Please read the article below on hydration as this might help.

Hope to see you all at training soon.
Go Hard – Get Fit

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Gym closed for 1 week (26/9/10 to 3/10/10)

In late September I am competing in the World rugby Festival which is held this year in our home city of Sydney. There will be over 30 rugby field set up over Centennial Park where dozens of teams from all over the world will come and play.
So with that said the Gym will be closed from Sunday 26th September and will re-open on Monday 4th October.

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Main Content Inline Small As the city2surf is only 1 week away here is some info on the importance of keeping hydrated while running and all exercise.

Why is it important to keep hydrated?

Proper hydration can not only improve your performance, but is essential for reducing the risk of heat illness such as heat exhaustion and hyponatremia (a dangerous condition caused by a low level of sodium in the blood).

Runners – especially long-distance runners – lose substantial volumes of fluid in sweat, urine, and respiration, losses that can range from 3 to 10 litres of fluid during a training session or on race day. Electrolyte loss – especially sodium, the most critical electrolyte lost in sweat – also varies among athletes, at times exceeding the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt in a two-hour workout.

Protecting your hydration status is the easiest and most important way to optimise your performance.

So what should you do about hydration?

The simplest advice is to drink enough during exercise to minimise dehydration (weight lost during exercise), but avoid the over-drinking (weight gain during exercise) that can increase the risk of hyponatremia.

How much is enough?

It depends on how much sweat you’re losing. You can develop a good sense of your fluid replacement needs by stepping on a scale before and after workouts. If you lose more than 2% of your body weight (e.g., 1.4kg for a 70kg runner), increase your fluid intake the next time out. If you’ve gained any weight at all, cut back in future sessions. After some trial and error, you’ll become good at gauging your hydration needs under varying conditions.

It’s also important to ensure adequate sodium intake during periods of heavy training and in the days leading up to races, as well as on race day. If you are a heavy sweater or if you finish workouts with your skin and clothes caked with white residue, your diet should contain enough salt to replace those losses and you should favour sports drinks with higher sodium, like Gatorade Endurance. Remember, you’re unique, so don’t copy what others are doing. Some athletes will need less fluid than you do, while others will need more.

Also, during periods of heavy training, you can help protect your hydration status by asking yourself three questions each morning: 1) Am I thirsty? 2) Is my urine dark yellow? 3) Is my body weight down more than 2% from the day before? If the answer to at least two of those questions is “yes”, you are probably dehydrated and need to increase your fluid intake during the day.

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The Kokoda Trail

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It has been a long time dream and goal of mine to make the trek to PNG and walk the Kokoda trail. I have decided to take the next step and organise a group to go next April which will coincide with Anzac Day. It is still early days in the organising process so details will follow. If you are at all interested please come and talk to me. There will be limited numbers and already I have a few names on the list. Below I have a brief description of Kokoda or click on the link to learn even more.

The Kokoda Trail is one of the world's great treks, linking the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea, it is a challenge to be enjoyed by the fit bushwalker. The Kokoda Trail and Sogeri area have a history of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese armies during the early days of the war in the Pacific in World War II.

The 130 km Kokoda trail passes through rugged mountainous country of rainforest, jungles of fern, orchids, birds and clean mountain streams which tumble into steep valleys.

The unspoilt villages throughout the Kokoda Track will welcome you and the Koiari and Orokaiva people will greet you with smiles and tempt you with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Trek with us and have an adventure of a lifetime!!

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Winter Nutrition Guide

When winter days are cold, and you want to warm up fast, a bowl of cream soup or stew can certainly be appealing. But there is no excuse to throw all your healthy eating habits out the window just because it's dark and cold outside!

Winter Nutrition Guide: 4 Foolproof Steps

    1. Eat high-quality carbs

    Listen to your cravings - there is a reason for them! In the winter, with fewer sunny hours, your stored serotonin (the "feel-good" brain chemical) starts to decline. Your cravings for carbohydrate-loaded comfort foods are your body's cries for more serotonin. But be careful when choosing carbohydrates to boost serotonin! Opt for nutritious whole grains and choose high-quality carbs such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and squashes.

    2. Love seasonal produce

    Winter produce may not be as exciting and colorful as summer berries, but there are still many healthy choices available. Work seasonal produce such as pomegranates, cranberries, citrus fruits, purple grapes, and orange root vegetables into your meals. You'll not only add color to your plate, you'll pack in some serious nutrition punch.

    3. Consider Vitamin D supplements

    If you live in the northern hemisphere or wear sunscreen all the time, consider taking Vitamin D supplements. Numerous studies have shown that oral intake of 1000 IU Vitamin D can reduce the risk of colon, breast, and ovarian cancers by as much as 50 percent. Vitamin D can be found in fortified dairy products, fatty fish, and egg yolks. But reaching the recommended level through food alone is rather difficult. Therefore, the Canadian Cancer Society recommends that all adults take Vitamin D supplements every day during the fall and winter seasons. Be sure to speak to your doctor before starting any supplementation.

    4. Nourish your cold

    Despite numerous claims you may have heard, no diet remedy or supplement has scientifically proved effective at preventing cold and flu. However, studies have shown that 1,000 mg of Vitamin C supplements may make your cold milder and shorten it by half a day. In addition, there's a promising perk for yogurt lovers! A German study found that probiotics (as found in yogurt with active culture) may shorten your cold episode by almost two days. So keep on eating those "friendly" bugs!

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60 Seconds with SSF

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Name: Frank Scarfone

Age: 55

Occupation: Retail manager

How many hours a week do you train ?  4

What is your fitness goal ?  I was 90kg and am now 76kg,
My goal weight is 72kg and increase general fitness.

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?
I have lost 14kg and my general fitness level is excellcent. I have a increase of stamina.

When you’re not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?
Landscaping and gardening on acres

What is you favourite food / drink ?   Italian   /  beer

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?    all music  /  rowan keating

What is your dream car ?   Ferrari  or  Ford GT

What is your favourite sport ?   Soccer

Who is your role model and why ?   My Wife Helen, always down to earth

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ?
Again my wife Helen as she is good to be around

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?
Italy, I would like to go to where my parents were born

Matt’s comment :   Frank started training with me in November last year. Frank has 1 PT a week and also joins in our Saturday morning group session. Frank is a determined man who sets his sights on something and doesn’t stop until he succeeds. This shows in his training as a lose of 14kg and not missing 1 session is a credit to him.
Frank is the Manager at Mitre 10 Narellan so please if you need any hardware Frank is the man to see.

It is a pleasure to to train and chat with Frank on a weekly basis and I hope this will continue into the future.

Matt’s Nickname for Frank: I call Frank “BP” as he is ( The quiet achiever )

Thanks for your time Frank.

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Just for Fun

The record for most skips in 30 seconds is 152 and was achieved by Megumi Suzuki (Japan) at the Japanese Rope Skipping Championships in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, on 10 September 2006. Wow that’s fast. Check it out, she amazing.

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