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Dear name

SSF is continually growing and transforming.
As you read, our web page is being updated.
Same address though we've added a few new features and it is quite a different look to the original. You can still access the original site and the updated version should be live any day now.

Hope to see you all at training soon.
Go Hard – Get Fit

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Where's your training at? When was the last goal you set for yourself? Are you reaching that goal? Hopefully you have a positive answer to these questions.

If not, then consider why not and possibly have a brief chat with Matt or Paulette to discuss the training options that Silver Star Fitness can offer you. Remember…Personal Training does not have to be a long term commitment, you can purchase sessions intermittently, which can simply add some variety to your training or help to bring you out of a training rut.

To assist you, we will be handing out GOAL CARDS during group sessions in the coming weeks.

Group Sessions There have been some changes to Group Sessions. We did mention this in February News, though just as a reminder, here is a copy of what's running at the moment.

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Group Sessions

There have been some changes to Group Sessions. We did mention this in February News, though just as a reminder, here is a copy of what's running at the moment.

Remember the 9.30 am OFF-SITE GROUP SESSIONS in HARRINGTON PARK are commencing on Tues 3 May – all welcome!

ALSO on SATURDAY 7 MAY @ 6.30-8.00am (1.5 hrs) we will be running an offsite beach session! The idea will be for us to meet @ SSF gym, car pool to venue, train and have breakfast all together afterward. We'll let you all know the finer details (i.e. Where we train/where we eat etc) a little closer to the session date. Let us know if you're interested - it should be loads of fun!!

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Massage is a very important part of your training. It helps with muscle repair and injury prevention.

Consider how your body is feeling…. Is there something that seems to be niggling (even just slightly)? Or do you just feel tight?

Matt has now completed his Certificate 4 in Sports and Remedial Massage (specialising in sports and fitness).

As a STARTING SPECIAL we are offering ½ PRICE MASSAGE (normally $65 special $32.50 for 1 hour) for the MONTH OF APRIL.

Bookings are already starting to fill up – so be quick and take advantage!!

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With the introduction of Massage as part of our service and the ongoing growth of SSF, renovations to the gym are due to start any day now.

Very soon you will see unfold before you - massage rooms, office area and a bathroom!

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Fitness Equipment

Do you know that SSF now sells WHOLESALE FITNESS EQUIPMENT??
You can purchase selected items here at the gym. Further to this, we are in the process of creating an on-line store. The store will be linked up with our SSF web page and will go live very soon.

The equipment is good quality. Pretty much what you use in the gym, you will be able to purchase through SSF.

An example of some of the equipment available:- exercise mats, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, crossfit skipping ropes, boxing gloves, boxing focus mitts and much more!

If you are interested please don’t hesitate chat, call or email us to discuss.

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There are a list of events SSF would like to encourage you to participate in this year. We’ve put them up on the notice board already and will list them here for you too.

                   ANZAC RUN CAMDEN
                   When:             Sunday 1 May, 2011
                   Where:            Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park, Cawdor Rd, Camden
                   What:               Run (5 or 10 km)
                   Entries:           Open (see web link)


                   WOODFORD to GLENBROOK CLASSIC
                   When:             Sunday 26 June, 2011
                   Where:            Oaks Fire Trail, Blue Mountains
                   What:               Run or MTB ride (25 km)
                   Entries:           Open 1 April 2011 (see web link)


                   TOUGH BLOKE CHALLENGE
                   When:             Sat 2 & Sun 3 July, 2011
                   Where:            Cataract Scout Park, Appin
                   What:               Adventure (6 km)
                   Entries:           Open (see web link)


                   CITY 2 SURF
                   When:             Sunday 14 August, 2011
                   Where:            Starts City & finishes Bondi
                   What:               Run (14 km)
                   Entries:           Open 22 May, 2011 (see web link)

                   RELAY FOR LIFE
                   When:             Stars Saturday 17 September, 2011
                   Where:            Onslow Park, Camden
                   What:               Walk, run or both (24 hr)
                   Entries:           Speak with Matt (SSF will have a team again this year!)

Some of the events allow us a GROUP/TEAM ENTRY and some will require singular entry. If you haven’t already put your name down for something have a think what you might like to participate in. Maybe use that as your next TRAINING GOAL!!!

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Camden Show

Camden Show is on this week Fri 8 & Sat 9 April. SSF will be there again this year – in the same place as last year.

So please come visit us to say hi.

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Fitness Expo

April 16 & 17, Fitness Expo is on @ Darling Harbour. We're both going down to have a look for new fun equipment!!
It's open to the public, so maybe go along for yourself and check it out.

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60 Seconds with SSF

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Name:    John Roberts (Big John!) 

Age: 42 years

Occupation: Diesel Mechanic

How many hours a week do you train ?
4 hrs (2hrs with SSF and 2hrs doing own stuff)

What is your fitness goal ?

What have you gained from training at Silver Star Fitness ?
I wanted to create a better lifestyle for myself.

When you're not working or training how do like to spend your spare time?
Fishing & spending time with Children……oh and as she’s here with me, I should say my Wife (haha).

What is you favourite food / drink ?
Food = pie / Drink = tea.

What music / artist do you like to listen to ?    
Country Western.

What is your dream car ?   The SSF UTE!!!

What is your favourite sport ?   Rugby League.

Who is your role model and why ?  My Father is my role model.  

If  you could spend the day with one person who would it be and why ? 
I'd have to Say Russel Crowe. Because I love South Sydney Rabbitohs as much as him and if I had his money, I'd do what he's done and buy them!

Where would you like to travel for your next holiday and why ?
Western Samoa because that is where my Father is from and I'd like to go there and see if I am able to locate any other relatives.

Matt's comment :   John came to SSF with the goal of weight loss. His journey thus far has been inspirational (to say the least). Having lost some 22kg in approximately 6 mths, he has transformed himself physically and mentally. John has an awesome level of enthusiasm and each session I see this motivate others around him. I find it a pleasure to train John and look forward to helping guide him toward his future training goals (which he will undoubtedly achieve by the end of 2011). Thanks John, you’re a champion.

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We are now on Facebook and Twitter!

We have taken the leap into Facebook and Twitter please join us, we are only new to this so any help will be appreciated- send us a Tweet or write on our wall. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see on our pages let us know.